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2017 EEG Fundamentals – Classroom

EEG Fundamentals Classroom

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This course is designed to meet the needs of the beginner and practicing technologist and cross-training allied health professional seeking to learn or improve their skills in performing EEG studies.

The topics covered include:
  • Measuring and Marking,
  • Electrode Application,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Localization / Polarity,
  • EEG Pattern Recognition,
  • Artifacts and Activation Procedures,
  • EEG Instrument and Operation.

To be successful on the registry examination it is essential for the EEG technologist to master the International 10-20 System of Electrode Placement. This part of the course will lay the foundation on which all other EEG concepts are built, and will help you improve your skills in electrode site determination and application. You will have ample opportunity for extensive hands-on training to increase your knowledge and abilities both in the laboratory and on the registry examinations.

10-20 Map

Instrumentation topics will include impedance, calibration, differential amplifier, sensitivity (learn to use the Sensitivity Pie), filters (High & Low Filter, 60 Hz Filter, and time constants),and monitor speed. You will learn how to measuring voltage, frequency, and duration. You will learn to draw and explain the frequency response curve. You will also understand the effects of different instrument settings on the EEG and when and how to make changes.

Gain a better understanding of the specific terminology used to describe EEG activity. Lecture and record review will provide the foundation for learning how to recognize EEG patterns from fundamental waves to complex patterns. Both normal and abnormal patterns will be discussed.Students will learn to recognize normal, normal variant, and abnormal EEG patterns. Included in normal and normal variants will be Alpha, Posterior Slow Wave of Youth, Beta, Theta, Mu Rhythm, BETS, 14 & 6 Hz Positive Spikes, and many more. Normal sleep transients like Vertex Sharp Waves, Sleep Spindles and K Complexes will also be addressed. Abnormal patterns studied are FIRDA, PLEDS, Triphasic Waves, Burst Suppression, Alpha Coma and more.

You will more clearly understand and learn how to apply the polarity convention. To understand polarity you will learn localization techniques, how to use montages to localize activity and how to use the Polarity Square. Pattern identification skills will be further enhanced as participants learn to recognize and identify and eliminate / correct physiological and non-physiological artifacts. You will allso gain an understanding of standard activation procedures including hyperventilation, photic stimulation, and sleep.

Instrumentation, localization and polarity, and waveform and pattern identification knowledge and skills acquired on previous days will be applied as participants are provided hands-on experience in operating the EEG instrument. You will see firsthand the effects of various artifacts and activation procedures on the EEG tracing. Through record review, lecture, and hands-on experience, participants will develop basic instrument operation and EEG Interpretation skills.

Available Course Dates EEG Fundamentals - Classroom

November 13 - 16, 2017 in Winston - Salem, N.C.

EEG Fundamentals

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